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You can avoid being the kind of barber whose clients leave your shop with a red, scratched and irritated neck. Instead of being known as a “red neck” barber, be the one whose clients rave about their perfect cut. With just a few tips, you can create an even hairline, a neck free from unwanted hair and fuzz, and repeat clients who have no complaints about the pain and suffering they had to go through to get the job done.

1. Use your comb to measure the distance between the natural neckline and the middle of the collar. Then roll it from side to side to determine where to cut an even line of distribution all around the neck.

2. Adjust the clippers to medium and turn them on. (See our video on how to hold the clippers for the greatest flexibility.) Put the flat side of the blades against the neck.

3. Using no pressure, and with feather-like strokes, lightly move the clippers up the neck to the pre-determined neckline. A good pair of clippers won’t require pressure to cut the hair close to the skin. Pressure is one of the common causes of skin irritation.

4. Don’t turn the clippers upside down! Turning them over and moving them down the neck can leave red, painful marks. Repeat the light strokes as needed to remove all the unwanted hair. Take care not to cut into the even neckline you’ve created.

5. Remove the cut hairs remaining on the neck by dusting it lightly. Carefully remove the drape so that no hair goes down the client’s neck. Even if you’ve done a perfect job with the clippers, you don’t want the client to remember the haircut by constantly scratching an itchy back the rest of the day!

When you’re finished, let the client see the perfect job you’ve done by holding up a hand mirror while facing away from the mirror on the wall. Point out the even neckline and the clean neck. Remind him to come back soon to keep that great look!

To see an actual demonstration of how to cut a perfect neckline, watch the video of Master Barber, Tim Hite above.

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