Q: How do you verify that students are spending necessary time in the course?

A: Homework logs are kept by each student and must be verified by a parent or guardian. Instructors consistently check in with the student to monitor progress. Lesson completion photos are submitted by the student for review and comments from the instructor. Due to the nature of this course it is difficult to complete each lesson without actually spending adequate time practicing each individual lesson.

Q: Is this course recommended for all types of learners?

A: Yes. Active learning strategies are used to engage the differentiated student.

Q: What tools are required? Do tools come with the course?

A: Each student will need to have access to a kit upon beginning the course. Student kits are not included but can be purchased online by clicking here.

The student kit includes:

  • Bearded manikin head
  • Spray bottle
  • Universal barber comb
  • Hair clips
  • Manikin clamp

Q: Is there an instructor for the course?

A: Yes. Highly trained Barbers / Cosmetologists will monitor each students progress providing unlimited feedback.

Q: Does the course meet state and national standards?

A: All lessons correlate with State and National standards and objectives. The course contains highly effective instruction for high school students on industry level skills.

Q: How long will the course take?

A: The course is designed to take between 16-20 weeks. Students generally take a minimum of 75 hours to achieve the required tasks and can complete the course by increasing the daily hours interacting with the course.

Q: How much credit will each student receive?

A: .5 semester CTE / elective credit

Q: What is in it for the student?

A: Opportunity to learn life long haircutting skills

  • High school credit
  • Certificate of completion for student recognition

Q: Are there any prerequisites to taking the course?

A: No

Q: What is the drop period?

A: Students can drop the course during the first seven days for a full refund.

Q: How does the enrollment process work??

A: In order for students to begin the course, signed contracts and payment must be received by E Barber School. Upon received payment, student kits will be shipped to the desired location. Individual students will then be added to the course and will be provided passwords to the course for immediate access.

Q: How much time do students have to complete the course?

A: 5 months upon enrollment

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