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More and more students are struggling to graduate from high school each year.  There is a tremendous need to provide courses that excite the student and motivate them to learn.  It is a know fact that when students participate in a course with high interest value, the completion rate increases significantly.  For this reason online Barber / Cosmetology was created.

Countless individuals are interested in Barbering / Cosmetology.  This is one of the most popular vocational courses being offered to students today.

Now students can peruse this interest online while earning a semester credit toward high school graduation.

The Intro to Barbering / Cosmetology course is extremely effective for at risk students or those in need of credit recovery.

How It Works

Intro to Cosmetology / Barbering is an online course that  focuses on the art of cutting hair.  The course can be completed at home.  Students are required to have a lab kit that includes all of the essential tools in order to complete the course.

How is the class taught?

Students begin learning by memorizing the cognitive skills of barbering.  Students watch detailed demonstrations  to deepen their understanding and skills relative to the content presented.  As students gain understanding, they receive immediate feedback from Test Your Knowledge Questions to reinforce there efforts and provide recognition.

  • Own Pace Learning opportunities beyond the confines of the school day are presented. Students are able to go at their own pace which positively influences their achievement level.
  • Hands on Experience After becoming familiar with the principles of each lesson, students will follow along, as they perform the steps while cutting on their own individual manikin.
  • Unlimited Review Students can review specific details of each lesson without limit providing answers to there individual questions.
  • Instructor Feedback Students may interact with their online instructor through email and by posting comments to the question board. Students are able to view answers to common questions from previous students.
  • Homework Strategies Student assignments are clearly defined with each lesson. Students will submit photos of their work for evaluation and specific feedback. Students participation is recorded to insure that students are remaining engaged in the course.

Student Benefits

After completing the Barbering Skills Made Easy course, students will be able to do:

  1. Lifetime skills of every day haircuts including beard and mustache design.
  2. Understand barbering enough to decide if could be a career choice or a skill to help pay they way through college.
  3. Introduction to barbering with no income limits.
  4. Earn an elective or CTE .5 semester credit toward graduation.


The cost of the course is designed to be as affordable as possible while.   Volume discounts are available.    Each student is required to purchase a student kit for $49 prior to beginning the course.  Please contact us to discuss bulk discount rates.    
(801) 304-7000     info@ebarberschool.com

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