Barbering e Barber School's StoryWe were told that we were wasting our time.  “I just don’t see it” said others.  “Barbering can only be taught in a one on one setting”.  “Online barber classes will not be effective.”  These were some of the comments made as people became aware of our desire to create an online Barber school.

Well we have now created barber courses that are taught online.  In fact, we will be launching The Taper Haircut course in a matter of weeks!  This is the first time that Mast Barber Tim Hite will be sharing his secrets of the taper haircut outside of the classroom.

Master Barber Tim Hite is one of the most experienced and well trained barber of our time.  As we contemplated how rare his knowledge and skills are it became obvious that we needed to somehow capture as much of his knowledge as possible to share with future generations.

We began recording his lectures and editing his writings for a possible book.  We had no idea that the internet would play a major role in our plan.  We constantly received calls from individuals from out of state that had the desire to learn from Master Barber Tim Hite.  Many of these people did not have the ability to leave their homes and move to the location of The Barber School in Salt Lake City.

As the recordings and writings increased it was obvious how valuable the content was becoming.  More and more people expressed and interest in learning from Master Barber Tim Hite but could not overcome the obstacle of having to move to Utah.

We began researching the possibility of using online as a solution.  After some intense research and connecting with the right people it was obvious that online would be a great fit.  Finally the skills of Master Barber Tim Hite would literally be available to the world.  We have used existing technology to introduce teaching barbering online.  Regardless of what others think or say….we have done it!

Each of us are blessed with many great ideas and gifts.  We do no favors to ourselves or our communities by listening to those that doubt.  We have a obligation to become what we are capable of becoming.  The potential that is within each of us will never be found unless we learn to trust our gut and go after it!
“God gave me the charge to change the world and the ability to do it.  Small is not enough and is not an honor to who I am or to God”.
Michael Gerber   E-Myth Author

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