One problem that is found with Barbers that lack experience is dealing with hair that sticks up or these cowlicks.  The barber tries to cut the hair to make it fit and correct the problem only to end up cutting the hair too short.   You can cut it all day long, but it won’t solve the problem.

Anyone can cut hair off.  The job of the Barber is to cut just enough.  Learn to solve problems.  It is not the hair that you cut that matters but rather the hair that is left on the head that is most important.

Experience will help you learn how to deal with each unique situation.  Many people just “blunder” their way through each situation making tricky situations into problems.  Approach each trouble area with caution.  Cut a little at a time.  Remember less is more.

Prior to cutting the hair comb through the hair to identify these trouble spots.  Lift up the hair as needed.  This process will allow you to find these areas before you cut too much hair off  and make a big mistake.

Cutting more hair off is not the solution.  The growth pattern determines how the hair will lay.  Many Barbers try to fix it by making the hair shorter. A good solution is to use styling product to achieve the desired finished look.

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