Many people are looking for that one magic thing that they can do to change their business.  The truth of it all is that is comes down to hard work and a few basic principles.

Attitude is a critical part of being a Barber.  You can be a skilled worker and provide great haircuts.  You can have great prices and a fancy shop.  However, if you don’t have a good attitude, a desire to serve and please, the customer will be uncomfortable and will not come back. 

It is very important for the Barber to like the work.  If you don’t like the work you won’t fit in.  You won’t feel comfortable cutting hair and the clients especially will not feel comfortable around you.  Barbering is an independent person’s work.  It is not a team work.  People will request you individually or go some where else where they can.  This means that your level of success depends on you and how you act with clients.

Too many people in the world today go to work just for the money.  They do not enjoy what they do and they especially are not happy while doing it.  Bring value to the client by working quickly and happily.  Make the clients feel good about them selves by sharing positive conversation and by providing an environment that they feel comfortable spending time in.

This may seem like common knowledge.  Maybe that is true.  The problem is many people don’t live by it.  Knowledge is power only when it is applied.

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  1. Sydney

    That is so true! If I go into a store or shop and I hear people talking poorly about previous customers (as just happened today) or anyone else, it reflects negatively on the person doing the complaining. Because of my experience today I will not be going into that cute little shop anymore, their negative comments cost them my future business.


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