When is the last time you thought big?  I mean really big?

When I ask individuals what their goals are I usually get the same general answers.  “Open my own shop.”  “Work for someone”   “Build up a clientele”.  It is extremely rare that I hear anyone express an idea that is creative or will push the envelope.  Few of them provide answers that require much effort or have much innovation.

Barbering is an amazing profession with no limits.  There are few careers that can be learned in a matter of months that literally has no ceiling on earning potential.  Barbers can earn more money than many college graduates with a bachelors and even a master’s degree.

Barbers have more opportunity to succeed than ever before.  The internet has changed the game.  You can market in ways that are extremely effective and best of all these methods are FREE.  You can also study the industries best experts all through the internet.

Prepare yourself to be more.  Your quality of life is directly related to your commitment for excellence.  Picture in your mind what successful Barbers look like and live by it.  Do more than just have a shop and wait for clients to come in.  Become a marketing expert.  Find marketers on the internet and study their methods.  Read books to increase your business skills.  Become a true expert in the field of Barbering in every aspect possible.  Once you obtain your license your learning is just beginning.  Network with other business owners.  Act as a successful CEO and you will become more than just another Barber.

My challenge to you is to take your ideas to the next level.  Think outside the box.  Create a business that is unique and will allow you to expand to new levels.  Dominate the Barber world in your area.  When is the last time you received a job from a poor person?  It is hard to help the needy when you don’t have money your self.  Success in your business will allow you to provide jobs to numerous individuals.  You will also have the ability to give back to your community in ways that were not possible when you didn’t have money.

Imagination for many is the missing ingredient.  Whether you think you can or can’t you are right.  Don’t ever tell yourself that you can’t.  Change your vocabulary to “How can I” and you will amaze even your self.  Think big and one day you will be doing great things.  You will have an impact on many people’s lives and will have the ability to influence many for good.  It all starts with you.  Dream big!

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  1. Tyler

    So true. It is very important to market yourself no matter which field or work you are in, and we should all expect more of ourselves.


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