The routine of Barbering is just that…routine. Each cutting movement must be repeated each time the customer comes in, in order to get consistent results. People expect what they got. Customers want the same experience and haircut the last time that they came in. That is why they are coming back. Consistency means everything to a Barber. It is amazingly simple to do each haircut as a matter of routine without necessarily remembering each step of the haircut. Think of the last time you drove home. Do you remember thinking about each turn as you got closer to home? No. You are familiar with getting home and it just becomes second nature. This becomes a routine.

Routines are made up of basic principles. In your mind the haircut is a picture and a plan. Your eye has to visualize the cut in the hair in front of you. Your hands must be able to execute the plan that you have visualized in the hair. This is where a routine is so valuable. A routine is habit force. You do the same process over and over. You are not in unknown territory because you have done the process countless times.

Once the professional routines are established in your mind, eye, and mind, and your hands are in place, you are a Barber. You can do any haircut expertly and in a very short time. (something that ammeters struggle with) You can perform one pick up, one cut and then you move on. This is why you should carefully learn correctly the very best ways from a professionally trained Barber. When these habits are set, they are the framework that determines your income and you career.

Most people do not have the knowledge to cut hair. However many people can be very critical of how a haircut is performed. Mothers and wives will watch a barber cut their families hair. Occasionally they will jump in and say “let me show you how to do it”. After all how hard can it be right? Others will just start cutting hair without any proper training. Anyone can cut hair off. It takes practice, discipline and proper training to become a successful Barber.

The truth of the matter is there is a lot to understand and know when cutting hair. Cutting hair is a process of very specific techniques and movements. It is the understanding of a proper routine. Anything else is cutting hair off. That is what untrained people do. Owning a set of clippers only makes one dangerous without proper training. The world if full of posers and amateurs. They want to look and play the part of a Barber but have not made the sacrifice required to become a professional.

Learn a proper routine and you will be closer to what others envy…..a Barber.

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  1. Deborah

    I love the blog and the videos. The tips could actually be used for most small businesses.


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