Have a reserve

Keep money in the bank for emergencies. You will have times that you will earn a lot of money and other times that you may not. Prepare for these slow times. Having money in the bank will protect you against financial disasters that you have no control over. Those that do not have money in reserve are living close to the edge. Anything can happen that will alter the economy and directly affect your business. Look around. How many business do you see open up and than shortly after they are forced to close down due to lack of capitol in the bank. Keeping a reserve will protect you and will give you a greater chance of being in business for many years to come.

Keep in touch with your customers to keep from loosing business. Show that you care.
Your clients have multiple choices when it comes to where they spend their money. You must establish a connection with them. You must connect with them in a way that others do not. Remember their names and little details about them such as what they do for a living, what type of haircut they like, kids etc. Send them a card on their birthday and holidays. There are two main benefits to doing this:
You are showing your client that they are important to you.
Staying in touch reminds them about you which keeps them coming in.

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