The cutting mechanism of the clipper is composed of a still blade and a cutting blade.  The still blade should always be held toward the hair and skin.  The cutting edge moves and is the useful part of the clipper.  The clipper is used properly with the still blade against the skin at all times and should NEVER be turned over with the cutting blade on the bottom.

The cutting side of the blade is dangerous and has the ability to cut through the ear and skin without any problem.   The clipper cuts at a speed of 14,000 strokes per minute.  This can cause severe injury when used recklessly or past a perpendicular position.  When cutting the sides, the ear is moved out of danger with the opposite hand and protected with the  finger.

When operating the clipper it should be held in the hand safely but not tightly.  The hand is held palm up. With the fingers spread and at the back of the bottom side of the clipper.  The thumb rests on top just above the fingers.  This position allows the clipper to cut and move safely through the haircut.  The trust the customer has for the safe treatment from the barber will not be violated when the tools are held correctly.

When the clippers are used correctly “scrubbing” is not necessary.  The skin should not be agitated and the client should experience a gentle cut.  This is referred to as the velvet touch.  The velvet touch is the sign of a skilled artist that is mastering the use of his tools.

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