The clipper used properly is the main implement in most haircuts. It is fast and allows for smooth technique allowing you to provide a beautiful cut with no lines or gouges. Haircuts come off best when the comb and clipper are used together. The best type of comb is called an “all purpose comb”. It is proper to use the course teeth of the comb and the all purpose comb exclusively.

One of the most common complaints of the clipper is that the clippers run hot. This is a sure sign of over use. Over use doesn’t mean that you are cutting too many clients. It means that you are spending too much time on one haircut. The clippers are a good training tool because the clippers tell you when they are not being used correctly. When properly used, clippers do not get hot in the hands of an expert. When the clippers do get hot, you are spending too much time and to move on with the haircut.

Another complaint of the clipper is they bog down and stop in heavy hair. This is another great indicator of the clippers. This tells you that you are moving through the hair too fast. Moving through the hair with too much speed will pull and tear the hair from the scalp. This is painful for the client and makes for a miserable experience.

A properly trained barber will make slow moves that count instead of numerous little jerky moves. Slow moves allow for consistency and more effective cuts. Small jerky moves make little progress and allows the skin to get irritated. It also uses more of your energy and will eventually wear you out. Improper use of the clippers will inhibit you the Barber to last a full day, day in and day out.

Clippers are a great tool and can allow you to make a great living as a Barber. To make money on a consistent basis you must learn proper technique and principles to insure that you can keep working for many years to come.

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